Film producer, director and writer Arun Bhatt

Arun Bhatt

1934 - 2001

Arun Bhatt was an Indian film director, producer and writer active in Hindi and Gujarati cinema. The maker of classics like Mota Gharni Vahu, Lohini Sagai, Parki Thapan and Pooja Na Phool, he changed the face of Gujarati films. Arun Bhatt is considered as one of the most prominent and prolific directors of Gujarati Films.

Arun Bhatt’s contribution to Gujarati films is huge. He deserves his stature as a stalwart of Gujarati film industry because he strove hard to give it respectability. When he entered the Gujarati film industry, everyone was still making folk stories that were meant for a predominantly rural audience. 

With Maa Baap and Mota Gharni Vahu, the banner Vijay Films International introduced the genre of social films that were set in an urban background. For the first time in many years Gujarati films made under his banner were released in prime movie theatres in major metros of Gujarat. They were also released in movie theatres in Mumbai and London. His films attracted a more educated and sophisticated family audience. At the same time, they appealed to the rural audience as well. He disproved the belief that ‘this is what the audiences want.’ He gave them better content and clean wholesome entertainment, which was commercially successful.

Bhatt is credited with breaking away from the genre of folk stories with poor production values and introducing modern, progressive films with superior production values that were until then only associated with Hindi films. He brought in seasoned technicians, introduced skilled actors, and the result showed in the finesse with which he presented his films on the big screen. His films were appreciated by critics and masses alike and this is his biggest achievement.

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