Film Actor

He was a director of very successful films. The son of the legendary director Shri Vijay Bhatt, whose Hindi film “Ram Rajya” was the only film Mahatma Gandhi saw in his lifetime!

Arun Bhatt inherited his great father’s directorial qualities, which made him a very intelligent film director, with great sense of humour, wonderful story telling sense and was also a musical wizard.

His films always touched upon emotions and had very dramatic content in them. Gifted with the judgment of the audiences’ pulse, he directed and produced many blockbusters in Gujarati.

During the shooting of the Hindi film production, “Heera Aur Patthar”, directed by his father, Vijay Bhatt and produced by him and his brother-in-law, he suggested that I work in their upcoming Gujarati film. Thus, “Maa Baap” was made and it became a runaway hit. It made history in the Gujarati film industry.

Then onwards, under the direction of the talented Arun Bhatt, I worked in many Gujarati blockbusters such as “Mota Gharni Vahu”, “Hiro Ghoghe Jai Aavyo”, “Via Viramgam”, “Saachu Sagpan”, “Pankhi No Maalo” and “Jugal Jodi” which are all milestones in Gujarati films.

I vividly remember, while filming an emotional scene for the film “Sachu Sagpan” near Pawagadh (Gujarat) with Arvind Trivedi, Arun Bhatt became extremely emotional himself. As a muslim character, I plead to my Hindu master, Arvind Trivedi who is touched by my devotion and embraces me and we both weep. Seeing us performing this scene so realistically, Arun Bhatt started crying profusely like a child. The whole crew became very emotional! Such was the charisma and magic of the talented director, Arun Bhatt.

Arun Bhatt will always be remembered for his remarkable story sense, directorial skills and as a director with a vision and passion for filmmaking.

As written by Mr. Asrani in a personal letter sent to Arun Bhatt’s family on 29th August, 2020.

Actor Asrani's tritube to Arun Bhatt