Awards & Successes

Awards and successes were a part of Arun Bhatt’s filmmaking career. Early in 1963 Arun Bhatt scripted and directed documentaries, “The Poet Saints of Gujarat” and “The Industries in Gujarat”, produced for the Government of Gujarat and won The Best Documentary Film 1962-63 and Second best Documentary Film 1962-63 awards respectively, from the Government of Gujarat. He received the Best Documentary Film award once again for his “The Land and People of Gujarat” in 1965 and was presented with an award by the then Chief Minister of Gujarat, Shri. Hitendra Desai.

Bhatt won the Gujarat State Film Best Director award for three years consecutively for “Ghar Gharni Vaat” in 1982, “Pooja Na Phool” in 1983 and “Sonani Jaal” in 1984. He won the best director award again in 1986 for “Shetal Tara Oonda Pani”. His last completed film “Lakhtarni Laadi Ne Vilaayatno Var” won 11 Gujarat State Awards including Best Screenplay and Second Best Director Award in 1998.

Here is a detailed list of all the awards he won:

List of Awards
1963The Poet Saints Of GujaratDocumentaryProducer, Director, WriterBest Documentary Film from Government of Gujarat
1963The Industries In GujaratDocumentaryProducer, Director, WriterSecond Best Documentary Film from Government of Gujarat
1965The Land and People of GujaratDocumentaryScript, DirectionBest Documentary Film from Govt. of Gujarat
1982Ghar Ghar Ni VaatFeatureProducer, DirectorGujarat State Film Best Director
1983Pooja Na PhoolFeatureDirectorGujarat State Film Best Director
1984Sona Ni JaalFeatureDirectorGujarat State Film Best Director
1986Shetal Tara Oonda PaaniFeatureProducer, DirectorGujarat State Film Best Director
1998Lakhtarni Laadi Ne Vilayatno VarFeatureDirectorGujarat State Film Second Best Director
1998Lakhtarni Laadi Ne Vilayatno VarFeatureScreenplay WriterGujarat State Film Best Screenplay
Arun Bhatt receives an award for his documentary film
Arun Bhatt receiving an award from the Chief Minister of Gujarat, Shri. Hitendra Desai for his documentary, The Land and People of Gujarat

Arun Bhatt was referred to as the “Hit Maker” and “ and “Silver Jubilee Director” as all his films did well at the box office and no film distributor ever lost money when they released a film made by him. He was also called “The Manmohan Desai of Gujarati films” since most of his films were wholesome family entertainers with the ‘lost and found’ theme, emotions, comedy and good music. Here are some of his huge successes.

Super Successes
YearFilmRoleRun At Box Office
1974VardaanProducer, Story, Screenplay, Director100 Days
1977Maa BaapProducer, Story, Screenplay25 Weeks
1978Mota Gharni VahuProducer, Story, Screenplay, Director25 Weeks
1979Paarki ThaapanStory, Screenplay, Director25 Weeks